Understanding Dense Rank

What is DENSE_RANK? DENSE RANK is a window function in SQL that is used to assign a rank to each row within a result set. The rank assigned to each row is based on the values in one or more columns specified in the ORDER BY clause. The DENSE RANK function is similar to the …

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LEAD and LAG Functions

LAG and LEAD are SQL analytic functions that allow you to access data from a previous or subsequent row in a query result set. LAG provides access to a previous row, while LEAD provides access to the following row. For example, imagine you have a table of sales data with columns for date, product, and …

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Human Traffic of Stadium (SQL #601)

This task requires to find Human Traffic of Stadium. We need to write a SQL query to extract records with three or more consecutive rows that have an ID and people count greater than or equal to 100. The resulting table should be sorted in ascending order by visit_date. Problem Statement Link: LeetCode Complexity: Hard Table: Stadium +—————+———+ …

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